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Urban Farming

UrbanMJ has renamed urban retail to “street commercial” and will bring creative and leading-edge uses that are adapting to the rising urban population  Creative retail also serves as a magnet to draw suburbanites into downtowns.  Street commercial is no longer all about traditional retail, bars and restaurants.  Of all the locational varieties, high walkability locations are in the best condition […]

The Caffeine Connection

What do “Friends”​, Starbucks, the rise of the portable office and bootstrapping out of underemployment have in common? What Made Coffeehouse Culture Go Boom? A not-exactly-empirical analysis of how the cafe became a trademark of almost every city neighborhood. http://www.citylab.com/navigator/2017/01/the-cafe-tipping-point/513656/  

Getting a Driverless Car for Christmas?

Getting a Driverless Car for Christmas? Read this first! Practical and fun article from MIT Technology Review: Uber thinks its self-driving taxis could change the way millions of people get around. But autonomous vehicles aren’t anywhere near to being ready for the roads. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/602492/what-to-know-before-you-get-in-a-self-driving-car/