• Information sharing for smarter investments in a growing, urban landscape.

Urban MJ is an information hub founded by Marcus Jackson to connect citizens, investors, tenants, and those passionate about their communities through intelligent discussion on urban investment in both existing and rising metropolitan areas.

Through Urban MJ, Marcus utilizes his years of experience in mixed-use and urban assets to offer valuable insight into the practice of urban investment, adaptive re-use, and development.


Cities are personalities – melting pots for thoughts and cultures, and reflective of the evolving generations that thrive within. For Marcus Jackson, who was raised in the highly industrialized town of Martinsville, Virginia, the evolution of the inner city has been a fascination since childhood. Weekly family shopping trips into the town center, especially the iconic Globman’s Department Store, would later grow into teenage adventures to gritty pool halls, teaming with people from all walks of life.

Amazed at how energizing the diverse historic fabric of downtown was, these experiences as a child would launch Marcus along a journey of personal investment in city growth. His most profound experience as a young adult was convincing his employer at the time, The Equitable, to partner with a disadvantaged, inner-city elementary school in Atlanta, Georgia. After contributing significant human and financial resources to Burgess Elementary School, test scores grew momentously and the program was awarded Partnership of the Year. Today, Marcus understands that a blend of a “giving-back spirit” with a strong professional drive for client value is what communities need most.

Yes, but can we walk there?


Marcus Jackson has been helping to build thriving, walkable communities for over 30 years. Most of his career has been spent in development and asset repositioning of mixed-use and urban real estate along the eastern U.S. as an officer for large, corporate real estate companies. With astute knowledge across all facets of planning and investment, he has become a trusted geographic specialist in urban real estate advising.

Five years ago, Marcus decided to deploy his extensive, ownership-oriented background to provide a “different kind of investment service adapted to the urban landscape.” With a strong lead in investment brokerage, he is able to adopt the owners’ perspective and also offer adaptive re-use and development advisory services.

His credentials include diverse, high-profile investments  – from a multi-year rezoning of an entire city block in Washington, DC, to the development of the $90 million Monarch Tower in Atlanta, GA, to smaller scale investments in fast-growing tech communities. A more recent example is the disposition of a former Canada Dry Bottling Facility to a high-growth tech company’s new headquarters in Durham, NC.

Visit Marcus’s LinkedIn for a more extensive project history.


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