The App that could end all Traffic

“You could call Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, Los Angeles on steroids. More people, fewer roads and less public transit mean massive traffic. The metropolitan area is home to more than 20 million, and while it’s designed to hold only a fraction of that, the number is still growing. Overdevelopment has left it vulnerable to floods, and lacking sidewalks and green spaces. The city, a web of clogged roads, was ranked the most congested city in the world last year by Castrol’s Stop-Start index, which uses GPS satellites to track the number of times that vehicles need to stop. But now that might be changing.” One app in Indonesia is changing the usual flow. GO-JEK is a motorcycle taxi app servicing the people of Jakarta. With 11 million users, the app is cutting down traffic congestion hugely.

What are your thoughts on increasing motorcycle use to help speed up traffic? Do you think that with a higher amount of riders, car drivers would be more alert and safe around motorcyclists?