Tiny Home Runs on Dunkin’

Tiny homes are springing up everywhere! People are starting to save more energy when it comes to living and even more than just sharing one car. Tiny homes can be an unexpected surprise when you look inside. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you really need. Staying in a fun themed one through Airbnb is the perfect way to experience tiny home life if you aren’t ready to make the full switch!

They say America runs on Dunkin, and now so does this tiny home. You can now rent this Dunkin themed tiny home for $10 a night in MA. Check out the article to learn more!





The 10 top emerging trends that will shape real estate in 2019

“Will technology offer more opportunity and enhance competition and efficiency, or help consolidate the industry and drive out smaller players? How will shifts in demographics and shopping patterns challenge current investment practices? Will the U.S. ever get a grip on its housing affordability issues?”
Check out these real estate mega trends that will impact continued urban revitalization: