The Bird Scooter Craze: Why We Love It

If You’re a Bird, I’m a Bird

If you have been anywhere near Downtown Raleigh, then I am sure you’ve seen the latest craze to hit the streets…SCOOTERS.

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Photo By: Bird Scooter

I remember when I first saw two or three friends on scooters riding by when I was sitting outside Raleigh TImes enjoying a nice sangria and chicken taco. I thought, “Wow they’re so hip, riding through the streets of Downtown on a motor scooter. I wish I had a motor scooter.” At the time, I thought it was just some people bringing out their old motor scooters from out of their garage, being quite original. Then, after that day, the Bird scooter trend seemed to explode. As I scrolled through social media that week, pictures of people on scooters was a great percentage of what I was seeing and an informational post from Offline Media let me know how I could ride one too.

From the Cameron Village and Hillsborough St. area, all the way to Downtown, anyone can hop on a Bird scooter and pay per minute to travel to your apartment or next meal. The app charges you $1 to get started and fifteen cents per minute after that.

Now, I am sure most of you have experienced the Bird scooter in one way or another. Whether you’ve actually rode or just seen them zooming by, it’s a pretty common Downtown sight, BUT let’s talk about the new buzz surrounding Bird in Raleigh….safety and regulations.

Some recent articles are discussing the possible removal of Bird scooters due to safety concerns, but I think these safety issues are a hurdle that could be easy to clear. Some education, driving experience, and safe driving could easily eliminate the concerns. Maybe scooters should come with helmets, maybe age limits should be in place, or maybe some people should be a little less daring, these are easy sacrifices to allow these scooters a safe presence in our city.

Why we support the Bird:

  • Creates more space- Our city allows so much space for vehicles. Let’s share space so people will drive more scooters!
  • Better for the environment- Scooters are ⅓ the size of a car, which means they release that much less pollution. Compare a 3000 lbs automobile to a 30 lbs e-scooter; the difference is huge.  We all know driving scooters is better for the environment than taking your car, especially if you’re only going somewhere 5 minutes away. Don’t be that extra.
  • A helping hand to those without vehicles- Ever had your car broken down? It’s the worst. If you’re near a Bird scooter, you’re free as a bird to roam and be free. Also, for families who have chosen to only have one car, these scooters could help make travel easier
  • They make our city even more pedestrian friendly! 

Let’s face it…cars cause a lot of unhealthy pollution for our city, so reducing where we can is key! These scooters are also important to the all important “last half mile.” Your home is rarely a quarter mile or closer to public transit, so if you can hop on a scooter to get to the bus or Light Rail Station (in the future for Orange and Durham County), then you might take transit much more, staying out of your car, saving money AND the environment!

Most trends scoot in and out of popularity quite quickly, but I believe these scooters are here to stay. We’re here for it! They create a fun environment for the community and make shopping local more accessible. C’mon you’re not cool if you’re not zipping around on a Bird scooter.




Cover Photo by Quartz