Urban Farming

UrbanMJ has renamed urban retail to “street commercial” and will bring creative and leading-edge uses that are adapting to the rising urban population  Creative retail also serves as a magnet to draw suburbanites into downtowns.  Street commercial is no longer all about traditional retail, bars and restaurants.  Of all the locational varieties, high walkability locations are in the best condition to meet the intensely increasing interest in “experiential” retail.  There is also a rising demand for street-level office, particularly with tech companies.  And talk about innovative retail…downtowns are a magnet and include Food Halls, such as Morgan Street Food Hall soon to open in downtown Raleigh to Cat Cafes to the Ax Throwing Bar about to open in downtown Durham.
Urban Farming has been first rising in the gateway cities and now they are starting to sweep the smaller major cities, such as Raleigh City Farm in Downtown Raleigh.  Raleigh City Farm is on the street and serves both restaurants and is direct to consumer, thus benefitting the local population that literally walk to buy fresh produce.  The next evolution is rooftop urban farming.  Why not move street uses to the roof and full advantage of the sun!  The linked article is all about rooftop urban farming and all about efficient delivery to the local population.  In this case, this venture is “for profit” and is part of a wider movement to bring rooftop gardens and greenhouses to North American cities.  To borrow a great quote in the article “if you can grow a strawberry in January, you can charge whatever you want.”